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Top 8 Dangerous Pets

Common house pets to think twice about!


These aren't the teenage mutant ninja turtle types. While turtles generally seem timid enough, they carry salmonella which can be contracted by touching them. The real problem is the smaller turtles since little kids like to play with them – and being kids, they like to put the things in their mouths and touch them with their fingers – and not wash their hands. You might not exactly want these disease factors in your household. For households without children, or with older children who can follow direction and understand the risks involved, these are OK pets. Make sure you are willing to have this pet around for many years, they could outlive you!


While boas are very popular pets, one issue with them is not so much their temperament toward humans (although if you have a very large snake, you should never handle it alone), but the tendency for neighborhood pets to start disappearing if one of these things get loose. They are very good at escaping and require specialized and very sturdy habitats to live in. These are very powerful snakes which can break a flimsy cage if determined.

You see most people get these types of snakes at the pet store when they're small and easy to handle. Then it grows and grows and grows. Then you have 15 feet of pure muscle slinking around. If you feed it small rodents, don't you think they'd also take a look at cats and small dogs as well? Zoo and wildlife handling regulations for these snakes requires one handler for the first six feet of snake, then an additional handler for each foot thereafter. Very difficult to handle unless you know exactly what you're doing.


This just isn't a good idea. Large Arachnid. Very Poisonous. Scorpions are one of the most poisonous animals on the face of the planet and yet people still keep them. If you insist on having one of these as a pet, at least get a nonpoisonous species and keep children well away from it.


You'll see these on the list of "starting out cute" and then "becoming too big to handle." Some people like the cute baby ostriches, but when they grow up they become very strong, very powerful birds that could step on you, kick you or peck at you. An adult ostrich is much more powerful than it looks, and much more powerful than you are. This goes for emus as well.

Monkeys and Chimps

People are lulled into a false sense of security with these types of animals because they're very intelligent and almost human-like. However, they are still animals and an attack by a monkey or chimp can be incredibly horrific and damaging. Their razor sharp teeth combined with their strength and mobility is not a good combination when they get upset and lash out. They can do more damage than a vicious dog.

Poisonous Snakes

Did pet owners not read the fine print on this one? Heck not even the fine print, read the regular print. Poisonous! Snake! They Bite! Like Scorpions, snakes are the deadliest types of animals on Earth. Not something you want hanging out in your apartment.

Crocodiles and Alligators

At first this sounds like a terrible idea, but much like the boa, when you see them as a young-ling, they're small, cute and seem like they'd be very manageable in an aquarium. Sounds fine then right? Problem is that they grow and, you've seen the TV specials with 20-foot alligators. How the heck are you going to keep one of those under control? They have large jaws and teeth too, which lock down on their prey and don't let go. This isn't exactly a recipe for fun.

Lions and Tigers, Cougars and other assorted big cats

They look cute and downright cuddly when they're young, but these are natural predators that will eventually grow into an animal that professional trainers are skittish around. Even a very young big cat has paws, claws and teeth much larger and sharper than your little house kitty. If you notice in zoos, they feed these kitties raw meat, perhaps a red flag for those who want one of these things chilling on the couch. You would also need an exotic animal permit to keep these as pets.


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independentminded I think pitbulls should be added to the list, as they're known to be quite vicious, with an ultra-strong bite that won't let up once it clamps down on its victim. Moreover, they've been known to attack and kill other dogs, and small children, plus they'r

Posted 3082 days ago...

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zjeffers Lol, I am assuming that they are referring in a general out come. Exotic pets like monkeys are very unique and you can't just smack it on the nose with a newspaper when they do something wrong, lol :D

Posted 3144 days ago...

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Sandi4HFF We have a monkey and she's sweet. We take her everywhere with us. We have even taken her to our granddaughters classroom. Guess it depends on the owner and the monkey, but they aren't all bad!

Posted 3144 days ago...

View saranate' profile

saranate This article should be titled "Use Some Common Sense."

Posted 3153 days ago...