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Top 10 best dogs for kids

Pick the best dog breed for your new or existing family.


Beagles have become very popular family pets because of their smallish size, temperament and lack of inherent major health problems. While sometimes they can be high-strung and easily distracted, the Beagle is intelligent and very good with kids. It’s short coat means easy maintenance for the owner and it can be an outdoor or indoor dog depending on your living situation.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers - The most poplular dog in the world.The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in the world. Originally bred for retrieving fowl, the retriever has shown itself to be very smart, active and loves kids. It’s also the most popular breed of assistant dog in the United States. Labrador Retrievers are not territorial, hypersensitive or insecure – meaning that they’d be a well-rounded fit for your family. Their puppyish behavior can last for three years or so, sometimes mistaken with hyperactiveness, and some lines of labs can be rambunctious if not trained. However, the breed as a whole is known as mellow and well-rounded. 

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever - The most trusting and loyal dog.Like the Labrador Retriever, the Golden Retriever was bred to retrieve water fowl and have since become one of the most popular family breeds in the world. They’re friendly, eager-to-please and have a love for water. Golden Retrievers are very trusting and social and therefore would make poor guard dogs; however, they’re intelligence, obedience and patience with kids in renowned.

Great Danes

Great Danes - Large dogs, but they have a gentle disposition.Scooby-Doo is certainly a kid favorite, so why not bring a real-life version of the Great Dane home? While considered one of the tallest dogs in the world, meaning that the size of the dog may be a concern if you have smaller children, its size is somewhat misleading as they have a very gentle disposition. They also are usually well-behaved around other animals as well. It’s sometimes thought that Great Danes are slow and docile, meaning they don’t need exercise. This is not true. Despite a slow metabolism common in all dogs, the Great Dane was bred to hunt wild boar and be a guard dog; therefore, they’re full of energy and should be walked on a regular basis.


Pugs - Small, playful and patient with small kids.The word “Pug” comes from Old English which means “little devil” or “monkey.” Despite their odd appearance, the Pug has a very playful personality and is very patient with kids. They’re intelligent, but can sometimes have a stubborn streak. Despite this, they can also be obedient with the proper training.

Standard Poodles

Standard Poodles - Hypoallergenic makes these medium sized dogs great for allergy sufferers.For people with allergies, the poodle is a hypoallergenic dog breed meaning that they have a longer active growth period for their hair follicles, so less pet dander and dead hair is floating around. It’s curly coat also catches the dander and dead hair as well, adding an extra layer of protection for people with allergies. The medium-sized standard poodle is largely considered the best size for kids. Poodles are active and love to be the center of attention. They were also used in circuses to perform tricks, meaning that they’re much easier to train than other dogs.


Newfoundlands - Large, gentle and laid back.Like the Great Dane is a very large dog that’s also gentle. In fact, they’re so laid-back that they’re largely considered the best dog for children. The Newfoundland is also easy-to-train and gets along well with other animals. Used largely for water rescue, this breed has tremendous strength and once a single Newfoundland saved 63 sailors in a ship wreck.


Boxers - Medium sized, usually very obedient and full of energy.This medium-sized breed is one of the more popular types of dogs in the United States. They’re considered obedient, energetic and love kids. While sometimes they can be rambunctious, with proper socialization and attention, Boxers are excellent in the household.


Collies - Very smart, gentle, loyal and reluctant to bite.There’s a reason Lassie was on TV. The Collie breed is very smart, gentle and will almost never have a biting problem. In fact, police will not train Collies because of their reluctance to bite a person. Bred as a herding dog, the Collie is extremely intelligent, loyal and are gentle with children.


Mutts - Generally have less health probelms, cost less and are usually smarter than the average pure bread dog.Mixed-breed dogs are generally healthier than their pure-bred counterparts since pure-bred dogs carry genetic weaknesses from generation to generation. Mutts are also cheaper in price, and you can usually save a dog from a less-than-ideal life out on the street or in a kennel. Depending on the matchup of breeds, Mutts are generally considered smarter and well-balanced.


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zjeffers Puggles?

Posted 3115 days ago...

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Sandi4HFF I've had dogs all my life and besides my goldens our pug and our puggle have been the best with kids! Puggles are a little more sturdy than the pugs.

Posted 3115 days ago...

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zjeffers Actually I have found Retrievers to very friendly, even in an abusive environment. Only bad one was severely abused and was expected.

Posted 3148 days ago...

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f13s0ccer Wow!!! This is horribly inaccurate. FOR EXAMPLE: Golden Retrievers are EXTREMELY territorial dogs and must be well socialized with other dogs if you want them to play well with others. They will fiercly protect their family and home. Collies are herding b

Posted 3149 days ago...

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KateJenkins So good to see my sweet doggy on the list

Posted 3150 days ago...