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Top 3 Pet Lizards

If your're a reptilian lover, here are the top three pet lizard choices.

The Bearded Dragon

Due to their small size and easy temperament, the bearded dragon is usually a good choice for beginning lizard owners. They can be kept in a fish tank of average size and since they're used to a hot and arid environment with basking lights and UV lighting.

There are seven species of Bearded Dragons spread across Australia and they usually grow to be between 16 to 22 inches. They’re popular pets because they’re very friendly and calm.

The Bearded Dragon also eats insects and vegetables, a fairly easy diet to replicate.

The Uromastyx

Much like the Bearded Dragon, the Uromastyx also likes dry and arid environments – the easiest for lizard owners to reproduce. The Uromastyx will also eat vegetables and insects.

There are 16 different species of this animal, and it can usually grow to be smaller (10 inches) or larger (36 inches) than the Bearded Dragon. They have very interesting personalities and burrow into the ground when they feel frightened, so ensure that they have something to dig into.

Blue-Tongued Skink

The Skink is docile, similar in size to the Uromastyx and the Bearded Dragon, and can be tamed very easily. The majority of the Skink’s diet consists of vegetables, but they’ll also require meat.

Like the other two lizards, the Skink enjoys a hot and arid environment since it comes from Australia.


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