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Keeping your pet cool during summer months

Summer is a time for both you and your pet to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors, but along with the fun, the season also offers up situations that can endanger your pet. By taking precautions, you can decrease the chance that disaster will happen. Read More

Tips for bathing your cat

Bathing your cat sends thoughts of flying water, fur and blood racing through your mind, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be that way! Some cats are just very hard to bathe; however, most of them will adapt. Read More

Making sense of the litter box

Not all litter boxes are created equal. Did you think that just any litter box would do? Cats prefer certain types of boxes over others, and personality as well as home environment also plays a role in the box your cat would prefer. Read More

Common dangers for pets during the holidays

The holidays can be a great time for people to catch up with friend and family in a very festive setting. However, while your pet may like the extra attention of having more people around the house, there are some serious dangers for them that all owners Read More