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Maine, USA
Yorkshire Terrier
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any I can get
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I need a hair cut anyone know a good place? 2890 days ago

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murphy I need a hair cut anyone know a good place?

murphy commented on murphy's photo: murphydog2006 2937 days ago
Mainechicka commented on murphy's photo: murphydog2006 2937 days ago
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murphy I love christmas merry christmas to all

zjeffers commented on murphy's photo: murphydog2006 3012 days ago
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murphy new pic.

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murphy Hi chance glad to see you here...

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murphy getting cold out!!!!

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murphy thanks for the votes....

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murphy mom went to races without me today.dogs not aloud at beechridge but I go to oxford when she goes there

zjeffers What type of racing?

Daisy My mom and dad go to Thursday Thunder and Car Wars all the time!

zjeffers Man, I love the drags and derbies... Up here they have a great 4th of July event with multiple types of races, derbies and fireworks :D

murphy we love all kinds of races cars trucks and pig races at oxford fair lol..

zjeffers commented on murphy's photo: murphydog2006 3053 days ago
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murphy It's been a long weekend glad it's over I'm happy to be home..

Daisy Did you come someplace fun?

Daisy Thats suppose to say did you go someplace fun

murphy we went to the races in oxford it was fun just long time from home I like being home it's quite here

Daisy commented on murphy's photo: murphydog2006 3057 days ago
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murphy Oh no I think I am getting a bath..Hate that!!!

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Daisy I think you are so handsome. Where in Maine are you from? I'm from Maine too.

murphy We live in maine also what part are you in ? We live in york co.

Daisy We do too! We live in Sanford. What a small world.

murphy We live in Biddeford..

Daisy Wow, not that far away at all.

murphy they are going to open a park in Biddeford soon. hope they put small dog place to it will be fun.

Daisy My mom doesn't know of to many places to take me. Do you have any good places you go?

murphy not many places cuz we are so small.my mom don't like me to be with big dogs she thinks I'll get hurt.

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