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Washington, USA
My energy level:
Very playful
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My favorite snack:
Beef Jerky
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I gotta get a bath today...I smell like a dog! 3148 days ago

ncpikers commented on Mini's photo: Mini 3048 days ago
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Mainechicka Thanks for stopping in Mini and leaving me get well wishes :)

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Maisy Mini I bet your spoiled like I am. We could have fun if, we ever meet at the pet park.

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Vinny Mini you are cute!!

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Heidi Mini's you're cute like me!!!

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Kayla You look like me!!!

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BABY Oh what a cutie!! Baby don't like baths. We have to fight all the time when bath time comes around,

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Barney Mini...I'm sorry but I don't get along with small dogs. When I was a puppy I got nipped on the nose by a small dog and ever since that...

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Homer Hi, Mini, I have another friend named Mini she's lots of fun to play with. I'll post a picture of us playing if I have one.

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frankie oh boy mini!! if you only knew my personality, i don't let mommy and daddy get away with too much at one time!!! gotta show them i am the boss

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Mini I gotta get a bath today...I smell like a dog!

Pepper ha ha.....that's the best smell there is!

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Mini The wind is so strong I think I might get blown away!

djeffers You're lucky you didn't just get hit by a flying sign or something!

Jinksy commented on Mini's photo: Mini 3150 days ago
IzzySparks commented on Mini's photo: Peek a Boo 3150 days ago
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Mini I wish I could be outside playing in the rain. Darn slider doors are so hard to open with my nose. I wonder when my servants will be home to do my bidding!

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