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Yo everybody 2514 days ago

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zjeffers Yo everybody

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Annette1113 Hi zjeffers...long time no see, hope all is well with you and the furbabies.....Tootsie is fine....take care.

zjeffers Yup! Super busy at work and it just snowed 16"

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zjeffers Woah! Emily got POTW!

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nicklockyear PooHaul provides pet waste removal for the Longview and Kelso area.

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zjeffers Woah, new vet listings at the top!

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Annette1113 Love the car Z....and the color is dynamite!!

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pslate The 3 Ga. Dogs are honored to be your friend. Thank-you for the cpmpliment on the picture, they are all great babies.

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zjeffers Hope everybody enjoyed their Labor Day weekend! We've been moving all week so it was a long weekend for us!

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boshome bummer. 2 weeks ago today someone stole my purse as well. found some contents scattered along the bike path but wallet never showed up. my 4 dogs are great watch dogs!!! ha.

zjeffers that sux. Hope you called the bank and such in time to be protected!

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Annette1113 That's horrible Z!! DId they catch him? Are you ok?

zjeffers No, our city has had major cutbacks in the police dept. and car prowlings are super low on their priority; especially when there's no witnesses or evidence.

Annette1113 what can I say, I live in Texas and yes,,,I shoot well...besides Tootsie is one great watchdog but when I don't have her I have something else to protect me. I hate the economical cutbacks. There are officers in my family and thankfully they are working!

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zjeffers Somebody broke into my car and stole my stereo amp... grrrrrr... everybody sick their dogs on the guy...

Mainechicka Oh no... I don't think my Daisy will be much help. She would probably just run the other way. Did you report it? If so I hope they catch the person.

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murphy Love to see so many dog people thanks for friend..

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zjeffers Wow, lots of really great dog pics lately!

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CHELLE55 Thanks, I have a lab mix too.

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dnfrost Hi, Glad to befriend another lab lover

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independentminded Hi, zjeffer! Thanks for your invitation and request, which I've accepted. How're you doing? You've got some neat-looking pets there! It's great!!

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Annette1113 Thanks Z, she is hitting me up for extra rabbit....I think she knows she won..'-)

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AngieC Thanks ZJeffers!!

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Mizasdad Sorry haven't been on since I joined, thanks, she a blast with people and they love her!

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Tootsie Hi Zjeffers, wow Tootsie won a contest. I am debating on telling her she might use it to get more treats, lol.

zjeffers LOL... yeah, my Emily usually goes psycho if she knows there's a reward for her somewhere...

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JudithLynn Yea, he is a big baby thinks he is very little

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labagel We are on a diet. Becky looks great. Besides, she used to eat stuff like the remote when I was feeding her extensive snacks

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Mocha Bean Basset Hounds Rule!

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Annette1113 How do your dogs take to the lizard? What an odd combination, but then Tootsie and her doe are one too. It always amazes me how they pick odd friends.

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Annette1113 Hi Zjeffers, Tootsie is a handfull, she is definitely AKA Little Toot alright. But what a lovely little girl. I take her everywhere and she is so good.

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kenzies1mom Love your pets, Use to have four lizard for pets when i was young, had a fight with my Mom made me get rid of them. Just have cats and dogs since. Right now 1 dog and 3 cats. they all get along.

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Annette1113 Hi Zjeffers, love your pets. Tootsie is my only one at present. I use to have 2 German Shepherds. They have passed away. I didn't think I would ever get another dog but one look at Tootsie and how sweet she was well that was it. "-)

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peggyd Bath time a fun time? NOT, so stubborn, but we love her any way. Molly thanks all. Note to Marcia below. I run a Rabies Clinic (health dept.) in town hall and met my first Rat Terrier 3 years ago...beautiful!

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Marcia538 Terrie wanted to let you know she is a little insulted, she says that she really is not a Chi, She is a Toy Rat Terrier and has papers to prove it. lol

zjeffers DUHO! Sorry... lol

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boshome what is the dog parks page??

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SandyFla Your pet family looks lovely, hope they are full of love and fun.

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dirkthedog DJ is not a rottie--at least not all rottie. He's what we affectionately refer to as "Heinz 57" but pawzoom only allows you to pick 2 breeds and it doesn't even save both of them! My best guess would be rot, lab, shepherd, pit bull, mastiff, dane!!

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boshome thanks for the compliment. trigger is hilarious..especially those people eyes. :)

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Petphotographer most def nikon, and I wish i can do this full time..

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dogdesigns1 No more poodles??

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skrBugs1964 Hello! This is all new and I've got to find my way around!

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frankie you got that right!!!!! :)))!

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Caesar Thank you for the Congrats and for friending me :D

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mommideb Thank-you for the new friend request. Paddington is almost olod enough to bring home! When I get him home I will post his cute picture for all to see.

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mommideb Thank-you for the new friend request. Paddington is almost olod enough to bring home! When I get him home I will post his cute picture for all to see.

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Pepe I can"t seem to upload my photo of Pepe. is there another way to send it?

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ToadWater Hey, have you seen the funny caption contest?

zjeffers Yup, i have entered a million times so far... i think it might be too much though...

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fvfashaw Thank you for wanting to be my friend. I will post pictures of me and Bruno later.

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ruthie Thanks for the new friend request.

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tgreeneyes Thank you for the friend request!

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kkearny Thanks for the new friendship! Emily, Rusty and Skidmark must be lots of fun!

zjeffers They sure are. Actually, skidmark ate a bad mouse and died :( but I hope to get another one as soon as the wife will let me :D

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missmis Thank you! She's only 7 months and well over 60 lbs but she's a big baby. Your pets are so cute! Love the lizard name :-)