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Enjoying some quiet time 3151 days ago

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Terrie Hey you have some neat animals, but I probably would chase the lizard and drive it crazy, my other sisters would most likely help me. lol

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Mizasdad Thank you.... and Pepper too

View mettagal39's profile

mettagal39 Thank you, we are so excited to have won! I don' t really win things like this so I am extra excited.

View JudithLynn's profile

JudithLynn hello to you and your Pepper and Izzy too

View SandyFla's profile

SandyFla How cute are Izzy and Pepper....thank you for the friend request....smiles

View Pixie's profile

Pixie thank u for the friend request.

View frankie's profile

frankie y thank u!!!!:))))))

View gmuejo's profile

gmuejo I love the cupcake picture...just too cute!

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IzzySparks Enjoying some quiet time

View IzzySparks' profile

IzzySparks What do you have planned for this holiday weekend?

View IzzySparks' profile

IzzySparks It's Friday! Woo Hoo! Looking forward to the weekend

View clydevansavage's profile

clydevansavage hello new friend

View IzzySparks' profile

IzzySparks Looking forward to the weekend! Lots of sun in the forecast

View gmuejo's profile

gmuejo Love the both of you. Have a great day!

View frankie's profile

frankie thanks izzysparks-i personally hate my glasses-my mommy makes me wear silly stuff sometimes

View gpauletich's profile

gpauletich Hello, how are you? Cute pics!

View Thor's profile

Thor Hi IzzySparks' great to be your friend on Pawzoom

Pepper Hi Thor!

View nebpellc's profile

nebpellc Hi Izzy and Pepper, You guys are sure cute!

View puglover1970's profile

puglover1970 Hi Izzy Thanks for the friend invite. your pets are cute.

IzzySparks Thanks. Smokey is adorable as well!

View Mini's profile

Mini Hey Izzy....what is it like raising a reptile?

IzzySparks It's actually pretty easy. He eats greens and crickets. Needs a bath maybe once a week and requires plenty of sun/heat. Other than that not much else

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IzzySparks So glad to be getting so many new friends!

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IzzySparks is a new friend to PawZoom!