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Hey Scooter where are you? 3084 days ago

View Terrie's profile

Terrie I love that coat, my Mommy's friend bought it for me, they didn't want me to get cold. lol

View ToadWater's profile

ToadWater Hey Scooter where are you?

View Mizasdad's profile

Mizasdad Ahhh Thank Youz..:O)

View dogdesigns1's profile

dogdesigns1 So excited, Just adopted out a rescue that has been staying at my pet resort! I feel all fuzzy inside!!

View dogdesigns1's profile

dogdesigns1 Hi!! Luck of the Irish?

View JudithLynn's profile

JudithLynn Great family give them hugs

ToadWater I will do and actually I always do....Thanks!!!!

View Tootsie's profile

Tootsie Hi Everyone!

View LisaFischbach's profile

LisaFischbach Hi Thanks for the friend add

View kkearny's profile

kkearny Thanks for the new friendship! Jasper and Mini look happy!

View godislove20745's profile

godislove20745 Hello! Cute pic!

View Misty's profile

Misty Misty is always looking for more friends

View SPUNKY's profile

SPUNKY .....meant 2 say 'pets', it's 2 early in the morning (5:30 am). :(

View SPUNKY's profile

SPUNKY Your pet are cute & thx 4 the add.

View Bandit's profile

Bandit Sugarglider.

View audreychelle's profile

audreychelle Thanks for the add!

View sanniebear's profile

sanniebear Me and Zoey thank you for the invite : )

View CindyMarie's profile

CindyMarie Thank you...your babies are adorable too : )

View ladybugpestcontrol's profile

ladybugpestcontrol Hi! thanks for the friendship

View Gupsmum's profile

Gupsmum It is, it means "intense love" in Greek. That's what she did...love!

View Pepper's profile

Pepper what are we getting?

ToadWater Hmmm??? What do you mean?

 ToadWater Come and get it! 3170 days ago
View frankie's profile

frankie thanks!!

View gpauletich's profile

gpauletich Hello, how are you? Cute pics!

View clydevansavage's profile

clydevansavage hi.thanks for the invite. it's nice to meet new friends here

View Dolphynia's profile

Dolphynia How many pets are you owned by?

View ToadWater's profile

ToadWater TGIF...the weekend is finally here!!!!

View Jackson's profile

Jackson Hi Jasper and Mini, hope you two have a great weekend

ToadWater Thanks Jackson...you to!

View puglover1970's profile

puglover1970 hi toad water, this seems like a nice site thanks for the invite.

View kycruiser1's profile

kycruiser1 I wish you were right after this winter,,,we don't get as much as the upper northern states but I think we ended up with a season total of 40 inches this year.

View Maxwell's profile

Maxwell Hi ToadWater, I thought I was doing a good job as official greeter to my yard!

View BABY's profile

BABY What a cute pet!

View frankie's profile

frankie thanks!!! briggs and i are in a heated competition(for pet of the week)!! i guess i will have to go bite his daddys ankle!!!

View SugarCat's profile

SugarCat Utah is a great place. I have enjoyed living here.

View frankie's profile

frankie vote for frankie-pet of the week!!

View tyrgood's profile

tyrgood Thanks for the compliment. We are very proud of Barney. It is a shame that pits get such a bad rap. They are the best (in my opinion). Pleae vote for his pix as photo of the week.

View Briggs' profile

Briggs Hey vote for Briggs for the photo of the week!

ToadWater LOL...I did...Great photo!

View petlover's profile

petlover Thanks ToadWater. Jacob is a miracle rescue dog we found on PetFinder.He was on the endangered listto be put down there was a storm for the next three days when we got there they told us he was put down but a computer glitch had saved him.Cute Kids

 ToadWater Man I live in a great place! Why go on vacation? Just go home! 3182 days ago
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Denise Thanks!

View IzzySparks' profile

IzzySparks welcome!

View Mini's profile

Mini Well, I am new here and I really dont know what to do next?

Mainechicka Daisy does the same thing. I actually took video of her yesterday doing it.

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ToadWater is a new friend to PawZoom!