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Pennsylvania, USA

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    Basset Fauve de Bretagne

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Becky the bassethound ate my remote control...this is the second time! 3091 days ago

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KateJenkins Glad to hear you are doing well. Looks like Becky likes remotes :D

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zjeffers Man Becky's hungry! Get her some real food, lol ;)

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labagel Becky the bassethound ate my remote control...this is the second time!

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labagel Becky the bassethound ate my bathing cap!

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KateJenkins How are you doing Labagel?

labagel I am fine. Now there are 2 pictures of Becky on her profile!

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KateJenkins Oh wow! I wish you a easy and full recovery. I bet Becky misses you like crazy. Hopefully the fence and gate will help you out.

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labagel I do not know how to post photos on the internet, but I can tell you Becky is tri colored and has udders hanging down as she was rescued from a puppy mill in PA and had lots of babies

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labagel Becky the Bassethound is coming home from the kennel next Monday! I am recovering from surgery and radiation for uterine cancer. I am building a fence around my patio and a gate in the living room so my little Noodle will be easier to handle.

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labagel Becky is on a special diet Science Diet D/D Is anybody else on this diet?

zjeffers My mother's Airedale was on a diet like that for a while to see if it helped her skin, but they found out that it was actually something else. That canned stuff gets expensive really quick!

KateJenkins Love it!

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labagel is a new friend to PawZoom!

zjeffers Bath time in the kitchen... always a fun time :)

zjeffers Congrats on the win :)