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those pics are great!!!-- 3177 days ago

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Drake HI! Nice to meet you

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Mizasdad Welcome friend:O)

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OSIRIS Hi from Osiris, I am a fun loving Husky, love people and other dogs. Just a little clumsy sometimes.

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Mozart H,I thanks for asking me to be a friend

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bigeasy46 I'm new here so it is nice to meet you

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Lexi Thank you!!! It is nice to meet you!!

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rhonda Hi, and thanks Bacon is quite the character

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Zoey Hello from me and my Mom in Western PA !

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Bandit Thanks!

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momma1 Hi there, your little frankie is so cute

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audreychelle Thanks for the add!

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Zoey Thanks for the invite...nice to meet you !

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clydevansavage yap my special human mom does that all the time. i'm the one with blue background and stars and my mom just beautified the photo

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ladybugpestcontrol Hello from georgia. Thanks for the friendship

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gpauletich hey Frankie, nice to meet you!

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Cinnanene To whom are you referring please? If it is Sunni TY I will be a lot more of her and her ssisters.

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djeffers Thank's for the add :)

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puglover1970 hi jfusco', thanks for the friend invite this place looks fun

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jfusco those pics are great!!!--

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zjeffers Hello there! I likes me some Special K Vanilla Almond!

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Odie Hey Mr. Fish!!

KateJenkins Beautiful!

View jfusco's profile

jfusco is a new friend to PawZoom!

KateJenkins He looks so proud sitting there :)

tunnelparkmom i think he was glad to get out of the cage of the humane society!

zjeffers He sure looks happy!