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Looks like fall is upon us! :D 3052 days ago

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peggyd Forgot to mention, I bought Molly a jingle bell stretch collar plus 3 toys for Christmas. Have a good one, Jackson.

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peggyd I'm from NJ so we are used to this stuff. I should have been a southern belle. hahaha

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KateJenkins Looks like fall is upon us! :D

Annette1113 Right now Kate we are in a horrible rain storm...part of that tropical storm but we need the rain...everything is like straw including my yard. Tootsie has been out running in the rain all evening. She is finally asleep on hubby's lap. lol

KateJenkins Oh wow! That is crazy! We are just having colder weather :D. Sounds like Tootsie is enjoying the rain :)

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CHELLE55 Thanks, Jackson is beautiful.

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asopoci Thank you, I love working with my dogs. When I can I work with another breeder that has a kennel in Lockport. I have learned so much going to classes regarding the care of breeding. It started as a hobby but once it's more.

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KateJenkins Having a great morning. Looking forward to the weekend :D

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pslate Thank-you, Kate, he is grown up now and still adorable, the breeder was selling him as a show dog, but I wasn't leaving without him, we bonded immediately. It is the show rings loss, but my gain.

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Annette1113 Thanks Kate, it was many years ago, I have owned horses in the past but none quiet like this one. This was near my Maternal Grandparents in Kentucky where I was born. But I grew up in Orlando, Florida and enjoyed Daytona Beach, love CA too.

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ScrappyLee Gizmo is not our pet by the way. I kept in touch with the owners and they say he is doing very well.

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ScrappyLee Lexi and Gismo were born with the first two vertebrae malformed, not closed over the spinal cord. The surgeons took bone fragments from the shoulder or hip to use for closure of the vertebrae. Gizmo came to the hospital a few days after Lexi.

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pslate Thank-you little Scarlett can be very sweet. We bought the couch hoping we could all sit together, the 3 GA dogs still take up most of the room. I know you have so much fun with Jackson he is a handsome boy.

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Theycallmemrtip Thank you very much :-) thats an awesome retriever you have there

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Mizasdad Hello Kate, Miza and I are happy to be you and Jacksons' friend

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back2rota Hi Kate, u r right Jasper's fur is soft especially right after a grooming. He's like a little cotton ball.

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pslate Hi! Glad to meet a new friend. Marco, Scarlett, and Drake are called The 3 Ga. Dogs. Jackson looks like such a sweet heart. Peggy

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shihtzulover2 Nice to "meet" you:)

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Theycallmemrtip Howdy Kate

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Lexi Thanks so much Kate!!! Mom just told me I had mail!!!

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sl1oak Thanks Kate!

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kenzies1mom Thanks for the great comments on Kenzie photos, she loves having her picture taken.

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Annette1113 Hi Kate, you are so welcome. Jackson looks just like a friend of mines dog...but I think Jackson is so pretty. My friends dog is way overweight so he waddles, but what a sweetheart he is. How old is Jackson?

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kenzies1mom Hi Kate, love Jackson. Kenzie has 2 friends who are Goldens. Gram & Gracie, she loves playing with them. Thanks for being our friend.

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Annette1113 Hi Kate, thank you for Tootsie's compliments. She is my baby. I live in Texas, my Daughter In Law parents live in North CA, she is a doctor in Houston. They wed at a Winery up in Santa Rosa. Gorgeous! Love Jackson!!

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peggyd Thanks! Jackson is adorable and is so happy with his owner,

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ducklin Thank you! Jackson looks sooo sweet!!

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Marcia538 Thanks Kate, the coat is Terrie favorite even though she has about 10 others. lol

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PattiD Thank you Kate and Jackson for welcoming Moses and Jordan to Pawzoom. New to the site so we are still learning the ropes. Jackson looks like he is waiting for you to finish on the computer! Waiting to go out and play. That is how Moses waits for me!

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SandyFla thank you for the compliment on Katie Bug...she has had a tough year and her monkey makes it better

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Gherfamily Hi Kate, Love Golden Retrievers, too. We had two before Miss Murphy, the Goldendoodle joined our family.

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BEBOSMOM0323 Oh hello Jackson!

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dogdesigns1 Thanks, He is one of 4 dogs...2 horses and a parrot , too!! How about you?

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Pixie thank u for the friend request!

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frankie thanx kate!!:))) i am workin on the attention thing

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frankie thanx kate!!:))) i am workin on the attention thing

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lorae22 Thank you! I think Danillo is quite adorable too :) Jackson is one handsome boy!!

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kkearny Thanks for the new friendship! Jackson looks like a very relaxed guy!

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missmis Kate, thanks for the invite! Jackson is adorable! I LOVE Goldens.

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KateJenkins How is everyone doing today?

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sweetmarni10 Hi Kate and Jackson. It's always great having a new friend, thanks for inviting us. Jackson is adorable, love that cute face.

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rrbccb Hi Kate. How nice of you to invite me as a friend. I am a huge dog lover and would have a zillion if I could.

KateJenkins My husband is the same way. He is dying to get a new puppy but I think we have our hands full already :D

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loyyerton Gabe and Axle say hey Jackson, You look like another big dog.

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audreychelle Thanks for the add! Jackson is adorable!

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djonair Hi Jackson@@@!!!

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Christy1201 Hi Kate! Bandit is a sugarglider. he is super smart and fun and has more personality than his little body can hold. What kind of animal do you have?

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gpauletich thank you Kate!

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Jackson Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Ochoco Hi Jackson!

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labagel Hello. I do not know how to post photos on the internet, but Becky is tri-colored with lots of udders hanging down...she looks like a mini-cow...she was in a puppy mill and had lots of babies

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KateJenkins Good morning!

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frankie i loved my smokey bones kate